About Windswept Productions

Windswept Productions came into being at the beginning of the 90's, when we moved up to Chelsea, Vermont and -- like most Vermonters -- began leveraging whatever skills we'd acquired over the years toward thriving in a new and very un-metropolitan environment. 

At that time our interests were mostly about music, with a serving of photography on the side. Very quickly computer technology -- and in particular the curious and interesting construct known as the WorldWideWeb -- became an important part of our day-to-day.

As Apple computers became an integral part of our workflow, so did poking around inside them (both hardware and software), driven by innate chintziness (we hate paying someone else to do something we can USUALLY do without wrecking things!) and a long-held interest in learning and growing.

One thing led to another, as things so often do, and imaging and design led to systems and tech support (just as performance and songwriting had earlier led to management and recording).

The informal family tradition of taking occasional guests, similarly, gradually expanded to become Windswept Acres Homestay, which has become busier and more entertaining every year since its official birth in 2010.

In 2014, as we further ramp up the "hospitality" part of our lives and simultaneously breathe life back into the music and the photography and all the rest of the things we love doing, wwe invite you to join us! Start by browsing this site -- and if there's something we do that you like, let us know!